About the website

This website was conceptualised by the Executive Council of the Student Bar Council of NALSAR University of Law, to not just make it easier for the students of NALSAR to access information as to how the Executive Council and SBC Academic Committee are tackling this unprecedented pandemic along with the Administration, but also make the website a one-stop solution for anyone who is in need of resources across India.

The crowdsourced information is designed state-wise, as well as in some cases resource-wise for better navigation and to find information as soon as possible. We have tried our best to consolidate the other repositories as well. In addition to this, the website also links to a database that is being developed by NALSAR Students for resources. The website also provides for the aggregation of the official websites for each state – along with bed availability wherever possible, from both official and non-official sources.

The website will also host updates which the Student Bar Council and the SBC Academic Committee would have to give out – and shall keep the students in the loop. The Website also encourages NALSAR Students who have gotten vaccinated to register themselves on this website in order for the SBC to have a better idea about the pace of vaccination of the student body.

Our Team

Core Team: Ashish K James (NALSAR, 2022), DGV Rithvik (NALSAR, 2023), Meghana Kudligi (JGLS, 2022), Nayan Chandra Veeranki (Univerisity of Hyderabad, 2023) and Bhavisha Sharma (NALSAR, 2022).

Support Team: Nishna Veeranki (CBIT).